Terms & Conditions

  • As a HairGoaIs Organic Sales Representative, your role is to promote and sell the HairGoaIs Organic hair and beard product.
  • HairGoaIs Organic currently has one (l) product in ifs brand. Which is Hair Growth Tonic (100ml).
  • The cost price of the tonic is R110 per bottle. Recommended Selling Price is R150 upwards. (Use Code: SALESREP at checkout).
  • As Sales Rep. you will receive digital promotional material to advertise to potential customers. Printed promotional material will be available on request.
  • The minimum Sales Rep product order amount is R1100 (10 bottles).
  • A delivery fee Of R100 will be charged per order.
  • New Sales Reps receive 2 free bottles in their first order.
  • After payment hos been made, please send proof Of payment via WhatsÅpp or email to 0624941516 Or and include your full name and address for courier purposes – file must be in pdf format.
  • Products will be dispatched once payment has been received.
  • Products to your door via courier, Delivery takes 3 working days.
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