About US

We speak hair

Whether your hair is natural, relaxed, short, long or a combination of the above, we’ve got you. And our products are specially formulated to to tackle a variety of common and uncommon hair scalp and hair issues. Our products are best suited for all hair types, including natural, relaxed and processed hair. The products work to heal, repair and nourish the scalp for new and healthy hair growth and treat the following hair and scalp issues:


We are proudly organic

The HairGoals Organic brand is based on facts that nature, in its purest form, provides the best hair and personal care solutions. That’s why our products are made from the best organic and essential oils and butters that are safe and free from harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances. And to top it off, they smell amazing. 

We are proudly South African

We are a proudly South African, organic hair care brand. We source our ingredients from all over the continent and deliver straight to your door, anywhere in SA. You deserve all the hairpiness in the world, and we’re here to ensure you reach your hair goals the organic way.

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